Providing the best services

With the Best After Care

When you buy a vehicle it is important to receive the vehicle in its best condition without any hassle. We at Savin Auto Lanka take all the stress off our customer’s shoulder from the stage where you select the vehicle till the day you drive off. We also offer after care service to all our clients providing warrenty, free services and even road-side assistance.

2-3 Years Warrenty

After sale warrenty for the vehicles we sell

Free Services

3 free services during the warrenty period

Roadside assistance

Road side assistance anytime anywhere

If you are a permit holder?

A renowned name amongst the professionals such as medical practitioners and engineers, Savin Auto Lanka is best known for importing the finest quality vehicles to Sri Lanka, from many well-known brands worldwide.

Knowing you are offered the vehicle permit for your respectable service as a government officer, we, at Savin Lanka respects you and your valuable time. Thus, we carry out the RMV registration and other necessary documentation processes on behalf of you, at your request.

Our friendly team at Savin Auto Lanka is ready to assist you with the decision you make on which vehicle to import, based on the type of your permit.

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RMV Registration

Knowing that one of the major burdens new vehicle owners possess is the RMV registration, we, at Savin Auto Lanka arranges the service for you. For this, we will guide you on the necessary documentation that is needed to provide. Thereafter, we will hand over the documents on behalf of you and we will register your vehicle. This will free you from the burden of waiting in queues and negotiating with unknown agents.

Doorstep Delivery

After we do the RMV Registration and the custom clearance for you, the next in line service we offer is the doorstep delivery. Knowing that it takes your valuable time to reach the port collect your vehicle, especially when you live outstation, we are pleased to bring you dream car home. One of our team members will safely drive your car home and hand it over to you. This will greatly enhance your convenience.

Accessories Fixing

Yes, we know our consumers want their dream automobile to be luxurious. So let us add additional accessories at your request. Let it be adding audio setups, carpets or fog lights, navigation systems, etc. we will add it for you! Once you inform us of your requirements, our team will find the best accessory that will fit your automobile and they will fix it for you. Thus, effort you have to put on finding the suitable accessories will be saved.

Leasing Arrangement

Owning an automobile is a dream many of us have, yet only few may have the necessary means to afford their dream car. We, at Savin Auto Lanka is clearly aware of this, especially as a leader in automobile direct importers. Thus, at your request, we can arrange the leasing arrangements, to purchase the car of your choice. Providing the leasing for the money you have in hand

Insurance Arrangement

Comes along the process of importing a vehicle is the choice of arranging vehicle insurance. Since you have invested a fortune in purchasing your dream vehicle, we know that you want to keep your newly bought vehicle safe. Hence, Savin Auto Lanka assists you in arranging the insurance for your vehicle, which suits you the budget. We will help you in the necessary documentation process too

Custom Clearance

Once you know the vessel that carries your dream vehicle has arrived to Sri Lanka, we know how your heart skips a beat to see the beauty you are planning to drive. Yet, what might impede your eagerness is the process of clearing your vehicle from Sri Lanka customs. Knowing this hassle, we will do that on behalf of you, enhancing your convenience and saving your valuable time.