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As a person who is willing to bring your dream car home, you may have thousands of questions running in your mind amidst the excitement of the milestone in your life.

Knowing how important your dream is for you, we, at Savin Auto Lanka is ready to provide you the necessary guidance to import the vehicle of your choice.

A leader in vehicle importing in Sri Lanka, Savin Auto Lanka is well known for the direct import processes they offer for our valuable customers.

Thus, this import guide offers you the information you need in the process of importing a vehicle to Sri Lanka.

Savin Auto Lanka

Steps in importing a vehicle


First and foremost, since this is a decision that costs you a fortune, you have to be sure of what vehicle you will choose, based on the budget you have.

In this step, you are given two options by Savin Auto Lanka.

  • To buy a brand new vehicle
  • Buy a reconditioned vehicle of your choice.

If you are importing a reconditioned vehicle, the price varies based on the auction grade, mileage and years of usage.

After selecting the options Savin Auto Lanka team will guide you selecting perfect vehicle


There are several factors to look for when you are choosing your importer.

  • Make sure your importer provides you a clear price breakdown for the car you wish to import.
  • Moreover, look for importer’ year of experiences and the reputation.
  • Nonetheless, gain a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by the importer

Savin Auto Lanka earns your trust even at this point since we guarantee that we do not have hidden charges for direct vehicle importing.

However, this is where Savin Auto Lanka stands distinctly for we are a renowned company with nearly 8 years of experience, offering you a wide range of additional and after sales services.

A fact to note is that, if your knowledge is minimal on this subject, some importers are very likely to betray you and grab money from you. Hence, this import guide provides you the necessary information you need to know to import a vehicle to Sri Lanka.


  • When you are obtaining the cost breakdown from your importer, make sure it is inclusive of Advance payment, CIF Value, bank charges, balance payment, clearance charges, transport charges.
  • Also ensure that this quotation is provided on a signed document provided on the company letter head. What you should clear is that your importer doesn’t have hidden charges.
  • Moreover, make sure you ask your importer on the rough date of an estimated delivery.

Savin Auto Lanka earns your trust even at this point since we guarantee that we do not have hidden charges for direct vehicle importing.

A significant fact to note about Savin Auto Lanka is that

  • We are specialized in importing the finest quality of vehicles
  • We do not import accidently damaged and repaired cars to Sri Lanka.

Therefore, you can always place your trust on Savin Auto Lanka for direct vehicle importing in Sri Lanka.

What you need to know about your vehicle:

Considering on the quality of the vehicle you import, make sure that you are aware of the following integral facts regarding your vehicle. It includes:
  • Make and model of your vehicle
  • Manufactured year
  • Milage of the vehicle
  • Vehicle grade
  • Auction grade
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Other options
  • CIF value

We, at Savin Auto Lanka are always ready to provide you with these details, to inform you on your dream vehicle.

How Savin Auto Lanka can help you to import your dream vehicle?

If you are wishing to import vehicles from Japan, UK, Thailand and Australia, Savin Auto Lanka is ready to help you with the process. Especially we are supporting the permit holders of Sri Lanka with our premium services.

We, at Savin Auto Lanka has dealers worldwide, thus, they are ready to purchase your dream car at an auction or from the dealers and directly export it to Sri Lanka.

How to raise the LC:

Once your preferred vehicle is chosen, we assist you in raising a LC (Letter of Credit) at a preferred bank, for the CIF value of your car.

What is CIF Value?

C – Cost
I  – Insurance
F – Freight

When you compare the importer’s prices, best way to select the importer is by comparing the CIF value from other importers

How the CIF value is calculated?

When you open the LC you have to deposit the CIF value in full to the bank (The percentage of the CIF value can change time to time)

Next, the bank will lock the value based on the current exchange rate. However, the final cost is made based on the the currency rate of the day when you receive the importing papers from your dealer.


What happens after the raise of the LC?

  • Once you have raised your LC, a copy of the LC will be sent by the bank to the customer.
  • Then the team at Savin Auto Lanka sends this letter to the vehicle supplier abroad.
  • Thereafter, the supplier will prepare the necessary documentation such as the Inspection Certificate that should be obtained from JAAI, JEVIC or Bureau Veritas. Some of the documentation which will prepared are:
    • Export certificate
    • Odo meter certificate
    • Cancellation of registration
    • Commercial invoice
    • Other relevent documents
  • We at Savin Auto Lanka is ready to provide you the local transportation to the inspection.
  • Thereafter, your vehicle importer in Sri Lanka will inform the dealers in Japan to begin the shipping process.
  • We will make the necessary arrangements to transport the vehicle to the harbor few days before the shipment.
  • You will also be informed the scheduled date of departure of your dream vehicle.
  • Make sure that by the day your vehicle is shipped, it is not older than the allowed duration of importing vehicles. Feel free to ask details from Savin Auto Lanka to clear your doubts on this matter.

What to do when the shipping process has begun?

Thereafter, the most awaited waiting begins, where you will be counting fingers till the arrival of the ship Sri Lanka, carrying your dream vehicle on board. By then, you are informed by Savin Auto Lanka on the next documentation process which you can handover to the bank.

  • After this, based on the exchange rates of the currency, you will sign the papers to release the payment.
  • However, sometimes you can negotiate the exchange rate with the bank managers since there are slightly less than the exchange rate mentioned in the websites. Since this saves you a considerable amount of LKR, you can seek the assistance of your importer in settling this process.

Custom Clearance Processes:

Next in line of vehicle importing to Sri Lanka is the custom clearance processes. We, at Savin Auto Lanka saves your trouble of custom clearance processes by handling them on behalf of you.

The process of clearing your vehicle at Sri Lanka customs is inclusive of the following steps.

  • The clearing officer will submit the necessary documentation to the Sri Lankan customs to begin the custom clearance process. The documentation is inclusive of the original vehicle documents.
  • Prepare the other necessary documents including
  • Thirdly, we will do the custom duty calculation and inform you the exact custom duty of your vehicle
  • Next, we will collect the pay-order which is addressed to, the Director General of customs – Sri Lanka Customs from the relevant bank.
  • Then, we will clear the vehicle from the customs within 2-3 days and pay the clearing bill and the custom charges to release your vehicle from the port.

Thereafter, within a short while, Savin Auto Lanka will bring your dream vehicle home, to your doorstep.

Why not the other importers?

Usually, many vehicle importing agents in Sri Lanka are unlikely to handle the customs clearance processes for you.

Sometimes, you may have to seek another agent to help you out with customs clearance. Even then, you may have to visit Sri Lanka customs on your own to release your vehicle.

There where Savin Auto Lanka uniquely stands, since we provide you the RMV registration and customs clearance for your vehicle. In addition, our doorstep delivery makes the direct vehicle importing procedure much easy for you.


Reach us at Savin Auto Lanka to experience new dimensions of convenience.

Therefore, in order to import a vehicle to Sri Lanka, choosing Savin Auto Lanka will add you more benefits, especially since we are a trusted name in the automobile industry to import vehicles for permit holders and to give you the best prices with no hidden charges while providing you the finest quality vehicles from auctions worldwide.